To provide a good user experience and smooth functioning of the website, Lion Hub has come with the following terms and conditions.


USERS: Users are the customers who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the company. A user must register through the procedure of the company and the company must approve the user’s registration. A user buys goods and services that the company offers.

Trademarks: Trademark refers to the company’s name and trademark.

Content: All the materials (text, audio, video, and image) that are displayed on the site are referred to as content.

Affiliated Companies: it refers to the companies which have an agreement with the other company for providing service.

Condition of Use.

  1. Based on the terms and conditions and agreements, users are allowed to use the services provided by the company. Remember that user registration is necessary to enjoy the services of the company.
  2. If a user wants to delete his/her details from the company, the user should send their user name and password by email to (write the email of lion hub).
  3. By using our site, the clients agree with our terms and condition.
  4. While using our site, clients must follow our terms and conditions. If a user violates any of the conditions, our company may suspend the user and prohibit the customer’s future use of the site.


All the contents available on the website belong to the company (Lion Hub) and the affiliated companies.

Prohibited Actions.

Lion hub may suspend a client’s use of the site if they are found indulged in the following prohibited actions.

  1. Claiming to be another person. Using false data.
  2. Past payment issue with the company.
  3. Any action that may affect the working of the company.
  4. Commenting against moral and public order.
  5. Criminal Act.
  6. Committing any other action that is marked by the company as inappropriate.

Handling Personal Information.

The company uses the personal information provided by the customer for the following use.

  1. Product Shipment and Delivery.
  2. Payment Bills.
  3. Review Site use.
  4. Conduct Questionaries.
  5. Improve Company’s Services.
  6. To provide Support.
  7. Analyse Statistics.
  8. Manage customer Information.

The company protects the information provided by the customers according to the privacy policy.